District 57 Schoolhouse

District 57 schoolhouse has a long history in Antelope County. According to the county superintendent, the district was one of the first rural schools in northwest Antelope County. It was organized on November 6, 1882.

Originally named Glen Alpine School because of its nearness to the pioneer post office of the same name, the school was known by many other names, including the Campbell School, Mtichell School and Willats School. The idea of preserving the school as a memorial to rural schools was that of former Orchard resident, Don McBride. Mr. McBride donated the building to the Orchard Historical Society. Many people helped with the restoration of the building. The school houses many furnishings from the time period that the school was used. A completely refurbished school was opened to the public on Sept. 15, 1991 as tribute to the rural schools of Nebraska. Recently the school has been used by the people of the community for birthday parties, the elementary grade school classes and various classes at the high school. The building is open by appointment only. Appointments can be made by calling (402) 893-3816.

Orchard Historical Society
225 Windom St.
Box 133
Orchard, NE 68764

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